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How leasing works

At ESR, we believe in developing mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with our clients. We have a simplified and transparent leasing approach to meet our clients’ expectations. We ensure our clients benefit from a hassle-free experience during the transaction, development, delivery, and maintenance of all our facilities.

Base rental

Our base rental covers standard and advanced features, including the building’s main structure, the building envelope, and docking. We also ensure all safety, mechanical and electrical systems are in place for a hassle-free transfer when you rent a warehouse space. Our standard base building specifications are as follows:

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Standard building clear height - 10-12m

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Ridge ventilators / roof monitor - 6 air changes

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Building plinth height - 1.2m

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Flooring - Tremix M30 grade concrete floor

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Floor load - 5 ton UDL floor design

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Internal sprinkler system - roof sprinkler system of K115

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Power Load - 1KVA per 1000 sq ft

Tenant improvement

We have a flexible development model, tailor-made to incorporate tenant improvements. We segregate these enhancements into standard and additional tenant improvements.

Standard Improvements

Building Height - Ranging from 12m to 20m

Flooring - FM II flooring TR 34 standards

Dock Levellers & Deck Seals

Roof Insulation - Glass Wool or Rockwool Insulation (48 to 55 KG/CM2)

Wall Insulation - Glass Wool or Rockwool Insulation (48 to 55 KG/CM2)

Mezzanine - Customised size of mezzanine (higher or lower) (ESR Standard – 5% of floor plate)

prinkler System - Roof sprinklers as per NBC (National Building Codes) / NFPA (National Fire Protection Act)

Additional Tenant Improvements

Firefighting FMG norms - FM global norms

Fire Alarm System – Beam Detection

Scrapyard - Enclosed space outside the warehouse building Retaining wall & Toe wall

Additional requirements for parking or utility spaces

Security Systems, access control, intruder alarm systems, CCTV, turnstiles, etc.

Sewage Treatment Plant - enhanced capacity of STP due to higher working population in the warehouse

Rolling Shutters

DG Sets

Common Area Maintenance

We have best-in-class facility management services available at our sites to maintain common areas and service to ensure the safety and security of our premises. Our facility management service is digitized and is available through the ESR India app for clients to place service requests and experience additional features such as visitor management, wayfinding, amenity booking and to view the live feed of the park.

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