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Smart Parks

ESR smart parks

ESR Smart Platform for Operational Excellence of the Future.

ESR India is one of the early adopters of digitally managed spaces for industrial & logistics parks to enable contactless business processes, safer and efficient park management via the ESR India app.

The app enables tenants to place digital service requests for common facilities, view live feed, book amenities and integrates the park with advanced security through AI-based cameras.

It also enables an additional level of safety to combat the pandemic, such as contactless visitor entry with health declarations, and safety information related to COVID-19. The app feed is the park’s social platform, where important announcements, updates and events are shared.

Contactless visitor entry with a health declaration

COVID-19 hotline for emergencies

SOP's & FAQ's for safer parks

Managing social distancing

Digital tracking & management of service requests

Enhanced security through AI-based cameras