Internal Sprinkler System

Roof sprinkler system of K115 std as per local norms/ NBC 2016.

Fire Water Tank And Pump

Fire water tank of required capacity to be considered in the central UG tank. Fire tank capacity and fire pump shall be as per NBC norms.

Building Aspect Ratio

Provision of wet block at both the end of building. Male to female toilet ratio to be as per building norms. Tap off in the Mezzanine/ Office area for Toilets.

Water Supply

One water tap-off point shall be provided; Flushing water shall be supplied from the STP recycle water.

Power Load

1 KVA per 1000 sq. ft.

DG and Transformer Yard

Provision of area allocation for DG and Transformer, equipment and MEP in tenants scope.


Provision of 5 car parking spaces & 10 two wheeler parking spaces will be provided for 1.0 lac sqft built up area. No dedicated space for truck parking except dock area.