Park level central STP shall be provided as per NBC norms.

Water Supply

Local source for domestic water for flushing treated water from STP shall be recycled. WTP, if required to be considered as tenants scope.

Boundary Wall

7' height boundary to be provided at park level. Boundary wall shall be masonry/ precast wall up to 5' height from ground level and 2' height concertina wire.

Gate House/ Security Cabin

Gate house shall be provided with sliding gate for entry and exit. Width of the sliding gate to be of 4.5m/ 6m wide.

Area Allocation

Space/ Location to be marked out for Scrap yard, LT, DG, Compressor, Utility area etc for
each Building on Master plan.


Park Level signages like Emergency, Directional etc. will be provided only for fire exit.

Drivers Rest Area/ Toilets

Driver's toilet shall be provided at park level and as per layout.

Truck Parking Area

Truck holding area can be provided at park level and would be available as per layout.