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Optimize your business growth by partnering with the best warehouse in India- ESR India.

Retailers and third-party logistics providers must excel in today's fast-paced and intensely competitive industry. The necessity for collaboration between warehouses and production has grown over time. Due to this, the legal terms and conditions must be verified and checked before contracts are signed. If you are worried about credibility in warehousing and logistics, ESR India assists you in putting your troubles to rest.

ESR India serves companies with large storage facilities, high-quality packaging, and quick shipment and dispatch services. We at ESR India are privileged to be known as the best warehouse in India for our accountability and reliability. Why think about other warehouses in India when we can help you to worry less about the warehouse formalities? Join hands with us and bestow your trust in us

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ESR business features overview

ESR India warehouses offer you a brief introduction to our legal considerations before signing the warehouse contract.
To understand the overview of ESR business, check out our business feature outlines. The outline includes Land
Purchase details, Lease documents, Development solutions, Fund Management strategies, and Investment goals of ESR India.

Purchasing ESR Land

ESR India conducts in-depth site checks before buying the land. We check the feasibility of transportation, legal formalities, local authority regulations, and Financial consequences like regional tax, ecological footprint, and technology accessibility. The major land-acquiring concerns of ESR parks include transportation, flexibility, and planning.

  • Transportation - We measure the closeness of warehouse locations with all the modes of transport that enable smooth connectivity.
  • Flexibility- We consider the space in terms of expanding the business, which provides more flexibility. We look for provisions to accumulate the load, pack, and dispatch.
  • Planning- We plan our warehouse structures in mind our client’s needs. It includes micro-markets and multi-purpose industries. It also helps us to plan customized warehouses for different manufacturing industries.

Growth Solutions

ESR India strategically plans the development of warehouses. We value our customers' needs and consider the requirements in terms of infrastructure. To deliver the best structures of warehouses in India, we custom-make the roofs, floors, parking, water, and sewage systems. The structure is built with Grade A+ facilities like tech-savvy features, integrated materials, and sustainable resources.

Property Lease

ESR India warehouses guarantee its clients with most accurate and transparent lease documents. The property lease documents help them to proceed with no struggles. The lease documents details contain the following specifications:

  • Building specifications like the height of the building, pavement, roof monitor and ventilation changers, flooring details, sprinkler system, and power system.
  • Building maintenance guidance that includes common entrance details.
  • Security system and additional tenant improvements.
  • Tenant improvements include a fire fighting system, fire alarm, exterior wall details, power grids, additional utility specified by customers, and sewage system.
  • Fund Management

    ESR warehouse in India creates a unique portfolio for fund management that customers can access. It provides details of active investment funds, income assets, and core revenue for the warehouse. The mandate of fund management also tells the customer about their income asset with which they transform old warehouses into new advanced warehouses. The fund management portfolio holds the following key details:

    • Year of funds investment
    • Percentage of the income
    • fund size and returns of the funds
    • Highlights of the funds and project details

    Investment Portfolio

    ESR India provides a detailed picture of investment planners for customers to engage their previous investments. The portfolio upholds the details of its capital investors, advantages, and management record. The key highlights of investment portfolios are:

  • Capital investors: ESR India’s capital investors include Partners Group, Townsend Group, APG, SK Holdings,, Goldman Sachs, CPPIB, Ping An, Allianz Real Estate, and CSOBOR Fund.
  • Advantages: Include experienced professionals, financial stability, and strategic planning.
  • Management records: The records include new opportunities, management track records, and milestones of the warehouse.
  • Winding up

    Why is the wait while you have found the best warehouse in India to invest in your logistics? ESR Group is the world's third-largest listed real estate investment manager and APAC's largest real estate dealer. We are now delivering advanced logistics and warehousing services across 17 locations in India. Every location has the best technology, sustainability, and infrastructure.

    We at ESR India look forward to signing a logistics contract with you. Experience the fame of trust, accountability, and advanced real estate features here. The facilities of customized infrastructure, investment plans, development planning, and more are offered at ESR India. Reach out to get the best from one of the top performers in warehouse facilities.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Picking and packing are two essential warehouse functions.

    A godown is a disorganized warehouse where items are kept for storage. In contrast, a warehouse is a commercial structure or a storage facility with organization and management.

    ESR group is a warehousing company. We provide storage, logistics, and storage facilities to many companies. To learn more, visit the ESR India website.

    The warehouses include public, private, bonded, smart, and consolidated warehouses.

    Warehousing makes receiving, storing and distributing products easier because everything is kept in one place. The warehouses help reduce transportation costs by ensuring that things are available at the right location and time.