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Delhi, India's bustling capital, is transforming into a major economic powerhouse. Flourishing industries and the e-commerce boom have ignited a 23% surge in demand for efficient logistics infrastructure in just one year, as per the latest reports. This translates to a significant 15.9 million square feet of industrial space leased across eight major Indian cities, with Delhi experiencing a healthy leasing volume.

In response to this growing demand, Delhi's industrial landscape is undergoing a significant shift. The emergence of Grade A industrial and logistics parks, boasting cutting-edge facilities, offers an irresistible proposition for businesses seeking to streamline operations, optimise costs, and gain a competitive edge.

The warehouses in the Delhi NCR region are strategically positioned to meet the area's increasing logistics needs. Located at a key transportation nexus, the facility offers advanced infrastructure and modern amenities to enhance logistics operations. Its proximity to major highways and transport hubs ensures seamless connectivity, enabling efficient business distribution networks.

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Conquering last-mile delivery with strategically located warehouses in Delhi NCR

Strategically located warehouses in Delhi NCR, puts your business at the heart of a thriving market, streamlining operations and delivering excellence. Delhi's robust infrastructure provides seamless access to road, rail, and air networks, ensuring swift and cost-effective product movement. Our state-of-the-art Grade A facilities within Delhi act as a central hub, perfectly positioned to leverage this multimodal connectivity with speed, and efficiency even in the critical last miles.

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Leveraging the Delhi NCR advantage

Making a mark at the heart of the country lies ESR India, offering a strategic advantage through two exceptional facilities: ESR Sohna and ESR Delhi Urban Distribution Centre (UDC).

ESR Sohna Logistics Park emerges as a game-changer for large-scale manufacturing and warehousing operations within the KMP loop. Its sprawling, state-of-the-art facilities provide ample space for growth, along with a host of benefits that empower businesses to thrive.

  • Situated near major highways and industrial clusters, ESR Sohna offers seamless connectivity, minimising transportation costs and maximising efficiency, with built-to-suit buildings, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific needs and fostering efficient operations.
  • Experience the advantage of world-class infrastructure designed to optimise operations. From ample power and water supply to advanced security systems, ESR Sohna ensures a smooth and productive environment.
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ESR Delhi Urban Distribution Centre (UDC)

  • It's centrally located, with quick access to the Eastern Peripheral Expressway (KMP), Haryana and Punjab via NH44. These centres are specifically designed to meet the demands of e-commerce and urban distribution.
  • This proximity to a vast consumer base transforms its in-city distribution through faster delivery turnaround times and enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • ESR Delhi UDC boasts Grade A infrastructure, providing a high-quality environment that optimises storage, handling, and overall distribution efficiency.

By strategically combining ESR Sohna's capabilities for large-scale operations with ESR Delhi UDC's last-mile expertise, businesses can unlock the full potential of the Delhi NCR ecosystem. ESR provides a comprehensive solution that caters to every stage of your supply chain, empowering you to achieve operational excellence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The rental rates for Delhi warehouses vary depending on location, size, and amenities. Here at ESR, we recognise the significance of cost-effective solutions and strive to provide competitive and affordable rental rates for our warehouses in Delhi. Our pricing structure is meticulously crafted to cater to different business needs, ensuring that you receive optimal value for your investment.

Yes, ESR Group employ reliable and resilient 24X7 CCTV surveillance across our warehouse premises.

ESR warehouses are strategically equipped to meet the different needs of various industries, including pharmaceutical storage, automotive parts distribution, and e-commerce fulfilment, all customised to cater to specific client demands.

For further details or inquiries regarding ESR warehouse services in Delhi NCR, we encourage you to contact our dedicated customer service team or visit our website for comprehensive information and assistance.

ESR focuses on sustainability by incorporating green practices, such as energy-efficient designs, waste reduction measures, and eco-friendly operations, into its warehouse facilities.