Scale up your Mumbai industrial potential with ESR Taloja's Grade A+ infrastructure!

The industrial area in Mumbai thrives on a foundation of established ecosystems and efficient infrastructure, as the city pulsates with the vigour of industry and trade.

ESR Taloja Industrial and Logistics Park emerges as a powerful catalyst, offering businesses the perfect blend of both. Nestled on Khoni Taloja Road, the park enjoys the advantages of a mature industrial environment within Taloja MIDC, fostering access to a network of resources and support. Its proximity to JNPT makes it a critical trade gateway and further strengthens its appeal.

But what truly sets ESR Taloja apart is its integration with ESR's best-in-class industrial infrastructure. State-of-the-art facilities go beyond simply providing space; they empower businesses to operate at peak efficiency. Imagine streamlining logistics, enhancing productivity, and gaining a competitive edge – all within the supportive framework of a flourishing industrial community. This potent combination is what makes ESR Taloja a game-changer.

Explore how ESR India is elevating the industrial area in Mumbai!

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Empowering businesses with cutting-edge infrastructure

Multimodal connectivity

With excellent connectivity to Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Thane, ESR Taloja ensures seamless operations and easy access to a vast talent pool. Furthermore, major infrastructure projects underway in the vicinity solidify this location as a future industrial hotspot. The industrial park is strategically situated on Khoni Taloja Road, in close proximity to the industrial area in Mumbai. A 30-feet access road from the Khoni-Umberli phata in the north and a 90-feet access road from Taloja MIDC in the south provide seamless connectivity to key city locations, including the upcoming Navi Mumbai International Airport, Taloja-Diva-Dombivali-Kalyan Metro, Taloja railways station, Mumbai Pune expressway, and JNPT port.

By establishing your presence at ESR Taloja, you're not just setting up shop; you're strategically positioning yourself for future growth in a vibrant industrial ecosystem.

Eco-conscious measures in the warehouse premises

The ESR Industrial Park has been pre-certified as Gold in sustainability measures by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). This achievement is attributed to the installation of solar panels on the roof, effectively reducing electricity usage. These sustainable measures enable significant cost savings, with potential operational cost reductions of up to 25% through minimised water and electricity consumption within the park.

Skilled workforce

The ESR Group’s workforce undergoes comprehensive training to carry out all operations proficiently. Their primary responsibility is maintaining the facility and all equipment at optimal levels. The warehouse worker training program covers forklifts, conveyor belts, cranes, and overall warehouse conditions to uphold top-notch maintenance standards.

Ready to lease infrastructure

ESR Industrial Park offers built-to-suit conventional structures and custom-designed space solutions. As a valued client, you can effortlessly lease warehouse space with utmost convenience. Throughout the lease transaction, development, delivery, and maintenance of all facilities, the dedicated workforce at ESR is committed to ensuring a seamless experience for its customers without any complications.

Looking for the right leasing options?

All you have to do is fill out the inquiry form, and the ESR team will contact you about the leasing process. You can rent a warehouse based on its base rental price. ESR’s base rental price covers both basic and advanced features, like the building's main frame, skin, and docking. The team at ESR ensures the functionality of safety, mechanical, and electrical systems when you lease a warehouse.

ESR India caters to a diverse range of industries, each benefiting from their efficient infrastructure and supportive ecosystem.

  • Electronics
  • Cold Chain Logistics
  • FMCG Energy
  • R &D centres
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Auto-ancillary
  • 3PL
  • E-commerce
  • Packaging Industries
  • Training and Development
  • Light Industries
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Know how ESR can elevate your industrial operations

ESR warehouses are the epitome of a thriving hub for efficient 3PL operations. Their strategic location near the industrial area in Mumbai, combined with top-tier infrastructure and eco-conscious measures, offers an exceptional opportunity for businesses to establish, scale, or upgrade their facilities. With a skilled workforce and ready-to-lease infrastructure, ESR India ensures a seamless experience for its clients.

The sustainable measures, good connectivity, and emphasis on comprehensive training reflect ESR's commitment to excellence, making it the first choice for businesses seeking to thrive in the bustling industrial landscape of Mumbai.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ESR's industrial park in Mumbai provides a diverse array of facilities, encompassing warehouses, distribution centres, logistics hubs, and light industrial spaces tailored to accommodate a broad spectrum of industries and businesses.

To inquire about leasing or renting space in ESR's industrial park in Mumbai, you can contact ESR directly through its website.

Yes, ESR's industrial park provides tailored solutions to address businesses' unique requirements. These include adaptable space layouts, made-to-order choices, and cutting-edge infrastructure upgrades.

ESR's industrial park offers a range of essential amenities, including ample parking facilities, loading docks, round-the-clock security, access to a skilled workforce, and on-site management services. Moreover, our comprehensive services encompass waste management, landscaping, and edge+ facilities for added convenience and comfort.

Warehouses play a crucial role in efficient inventory management by offering ample storage space for goods, allowing businesses to uphold optimal inventory levels. Additionally, they streamline inventory tracking, organisation, and replenishment processes, effectively minimising stockouts and overstocking issues.