ESR Group - Going Forward with the Trend of Largest Industrial Park in India

As infrastructure growth takes the front seat for the Indian industries and economy, the high logistics cost is a significant challenge. Many big companies have set up their warehouses across the country for the better shipment of goods. To streamline all logistics-related processes, the ESR Group- one of the best in the list of industrial parks in India, is working towards it. Here, the design of industrial parks is done to perform a strategic deployment process for creating industrial benefits through its practices. The team also possess a practical approach to encourage the various expansion, supplementation, and enhancement of industrial chains and the growth of local businesses.

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ESR’s Various Industrial Parks - Navigating the Business in the Right Directionr

ESR Group came into the Indian market with a comprehensive team of skilled individuals to provide unmatched warehouse services. The team of ESR Group is driven by the ambition to revolutionise India's industrial and logistical landscape with its exceptional measures. The ESR Group- the largest industrial park in India, has seen quick expansion to 15 locations around the country, attracting many investors from the whole nation.

The ESR’s in-house team provides a complete integrated service to its customers that drives warehouse solutions, efficient park management, active asset management, and a strategic approach to property investment management. In doing so, the team is giving shape to ideas and spaces that are futuristic and sustainable.

ESR Group‘s logistics and the list of industrial parks in India can be found in the:

  • Ahmedabad
  • Pune
  • Mumbai
  • Chennai
  • Nagpur
  • Hyderabad
  • Patiala

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ESR’s Best and All-inclusive Development Program - Built To Suit All Your Business Needs

The team of the ESR group bring a multitude of development expertise to the customers, along with a highly proficient workforce with experience delivering industrial and logistical infrastructure. To ensure that the team’s industrial and logistics parks are among the country's best, the company constructs a comprehensive masterplan that optimises the park's total size, incorporates environmentally responsible business methods, and builds Grade A+ infrastructure. Because of this practice of ESR Group, business people from across the country are establishing their warehouses with the company. Further, the ESR exceptional team tailor all build-to-suit designs with its best speculative solutions to meet each customer's specific needs.

Why choose ESR Group‘s Logistics Services?

ESR India -one of the best in the list of industrial parks in India is pushing the frontiers of service to provide warehousing solutions that prepare its customers for the futuristic challenges.

The company is now one of the prestigious Largest Industrial Parks in India and the country's leading investor, developer, and manager of industrial and logistics processes. Through its three guiding pillars of great quality services, sustainability, and governance, they provide its customers with trustworthy service. Each initiative component of warehousing services combines to change the sector through innovation, best-of-breed technologies, and the most stringent operational governance.

Major Values of ESR India

The integrity of Optmisitic Solutions

The company do what is right, regardless of the situation or consequence. With this, they ensure each commodity in the logistics park is well-tracked and in its best condition.

Innovation and Sustainable Measures

The ESR team enhances the standard by offering its customers innovative concepts, technology, and solutions to fulfil the needs of any business. At ESR, the group utilises most of its green measures to make it more eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

A Team Player in Warehousing Services

Together, the ESR team achieve greater success for its staff and consumers. The company believes in making an impact together and in a good way.

A Multitude of Excellence

At ESR Group, the team exceeds its customers' expectations through its best and optimal practices that establish new standards for quality and service delivery.

Summing It Up

A specialised facility management team with competence in worldwide standards is in charge of the administration of ESR's largest logistics parks in India. In addition to assisting you with incident management, renovations, alterations, and fit-outs, we take the utmost care to preserve and maintain the common park's infrastructure, amenities, plant, and machinery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An industrial park is a large area designated for economic development and job creation. The land is typically divided into parcels that are leased or sold to businesses and manufacturers. Industrial parks are often home to various businesses, including light manufacturing, research and development, and logistics.

The top sustainable measures used in the ESR Group’s logistics park are as follows:/p>

  • Solar Panels are installed on the rooftops.
  • Efficient waste management programs
  • Water-reducing measures
  • Use of recyclable materials in the warehouse buildings

The leasing process in ESR Group is very simple and easy. As a prospective customer, you can email us at: and get the full lease details. Further, the team personnel will also contact you to understand your requirements thoroughly and recommend an ideal warehouse for your business.

Following are the top industries that ESR serves:

  • Primary Sector: The primary sector, like sorting and packaging the goods and commodities.
  • Secondary Sector: Manufacturing units, like electronics, automobiles, and other things.
  • Tertiary Sector: FMCG, Retail and pharmaceuticals.

There are about 572 warehousing enterprises located in different Indian cities.