Warehouses in SIPCOT Orgadam from ESR Group - Well-Built to Suit All Kinds of Businesses

Warehousing companies in Chennai are located in the city's industrial parks under SIPCOT Orgadam. Instead of bare land, warehouses and manufacturing units are located in the same park. Buildings, equipment, and infrastructure are provided on a lease/rental basis from the ESR Group. The ESR’s industrial parks provide an improved and tailored interior infrastructure to suit all kinds of businesses. The developers’ team in the ESR Group is responsible for common infrastructure such as parks, parking places, rest areas, restrooms, STP, ETP, and so on, which would ensure better administration and operations.

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Chennai and SIPCOT: The Hub of Businesses

The state is well-known for its manufacturing and industrial environment, which includes major national and international corporations. Oragadam, located in Chennai, is South Asia's largest auto-ancillary hub and is quickly rising as a diverse industrial destination. The Sriperumbudur-Oragadam industrial belt has undergone enormous industrial expansion in less than four years. It has over 22 Fortune 500 enterprises, making it the most developed industrial sector in Chennai.

The presence of vehicle manufacturers such as Renault-Nissan, Royal Enfield, and Ford has sparked an expansion in the Oragadam area. JCBL Ltd, Essar Steel, BPCL, Delphi TVS Diesel Systems Ltd, GE Bayer, and Silicons (India) Pvt Ltd have also established their operations in SIPCOT Industrial Park, Oragadam. Oragadam I phase II has a spanning area of 14 acres, which hosts many big enterprises. ESR Group’s grade-A warehouse facility in SIPCOT Oragadam industrial district is a perfect option for firms wishing to start or extend their presence here, as manufacturing units from the FMCG, automobile, e-commerce, and logistics industries surround it.

ESR SIPCOT Orgadam Industrial Park - The Epicentre of Business

ESR Group is the largest logistics real estate platform focused on the Asia-Pacific region as measured by gross floor area (GFA). The company’s funds and investment vehicles are backed by some of the world's top investors, including APG, SK Holdings,, Goldman Sachs, CPPIB, OMERS, Ping An, and Allianz Real Estate. The firm aims to build logistics building for the new economy and create the backbone of 21st-century commerce across varied regions. In India, the company delivers its customers the highest quality of facilities.

A cutting-edge Industrial and Logistics Park is located in Oragadam's bustling manufacturing district. This park is conveniently accessible by air, road, rail, and ports due to its location on SH-48, which is close to the Oragadam junction. Know all about the ESR Group on the official website.

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Benefits of Setting the Industrial Park in Oragadam From ESR Group

Good Accessibility/ Easy Access to Locations

Most warehouses in the SIPCOT Oragadam region are located near the city's primary consuming marketplaces. The highways in the Sriperumbudur/Oragadam cluster are well-adapted for truck traffic. The three-lane roads in the area also provide access to all industrial sites, such as Maraimalai Nagar and Ambattur. The areas near Sriperumbudur, Mannur, and Mappedu have a 50-75 minute journey to the city centre.

As a result of this easy access to major locations, warehousing activities can be rented at a lower cost. Given the city's growth and rising interest from B2B enterprises, the need for warehousing is projected to expand even more under the expansion of ESR Group.

Significant Increase in the Business Expansion

Warehousing was already expanding due to the beneficial consequences of the goods and services tax (GST). To accommodate this demand, increased institutional capital is projected to be devoted to warehousing services. This resulted in a faster expansion rate, with the addition of numerous new communities in the SIPCOT Oragadam area.

Furthermore, each warehouse area in ESR industrial park is bordered by manufacturers and production facilities from various industries.

Easy Availability of Workforce

To run optimally any warehouse in the industrial park, the team has to work relentlessly. The availability of a large trained and skilled workforce is an additional benefit to the ESR warehousing cluster.

The warehouse's employees or workers constitute a solid backbone for the operations of businesses. It is seen many customers look for warehouses which have workers associated with them. The presence of workpeople will help mitigate any kind of emergency in the warehouse. Thus, ESR Group provides workpeople, including a facility manager in the warehouse, to serve customers with the best of facilities.

All this accounts for the growth of the online retail industry, and the consequent expansion of storage has significantly boosted the demand for qualified warehouse professionals.

Great Cost-effectiveness in the Warehouse Cluster

Because significant storage sector businesses in Chennai/SIPCOT Oragadam have taken up space in the Periyapalayam cluster, it has emerged as a prospective warehousing corridor in Chennai.

At the current land rates, most of the places along this belt are suitable for warehouse activities. ESR Group has also set up their regional industrial parks to provide extensive services to its customers. This reduces the cost of the nearby lands for warehousing purposes.

Summing It Up

The rising demand for warehouses in Chennai, especially in the Oragadam region, is primarily due to the online retail segment's need for storage space. ESR group’s modern fulfilment facilities have revolutionised the fast-paced environment of logistics and storage by setting a new industry standard.

ESR Group is a one-stop shop for your warehousing requirements and utilities. If you're seeking storage space in SIPCOT Oragadam, our team of experts can give you the best option for you and your business. Our services range from logistics and inventory management to last-mile deliveries, intending to provide every business owner with a hassle-free warehousing solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on how the product is received and the services that our customer requires, transloading might take anywhere from 30 minutes to 5 hours. The process is normally quite quick when the goods arrive palletised or in crates. Still, the process can often take hours when the merchandise arrives loose and must be individually unloaded, sorted, segregated, and palletised for transportation.

Depending on the customer's preferences, individual orders are shipped via USPS, FEDEX, FTL, or local LTL carriers from the ESR Group.

To monitor seamlessly every warehouse function, ESR Group has devised a very efficient real-time tracking and monitoring application.

The ESR Group is known for its cutting-edge technology and utilities. To ensure the safety of the goods in the warehouse, the company also has tight 24/7 security systems to secure the warehouse environment successfully.

The ESR Group’s team regularly maintains the garden and green areas around the warehouse to make it more attractive and aesthetically pleasing.