Sanand GIDC Industrial Area: A Strategic Hub For Industrial Growth


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Strategically positioned in North Gujarat, Sanand GIDC has emerged as a thriving industrial hub, attracting businesses from diverse industries. Its proximity to Ahmedabad, the state capital, and connectivity to major transportation networks make it an ideal location for manufacturing, logistics, and distribution operations.

Advantages of Sanand GIDC

Sanand GIDC offers a compelling array of advantages for businesses seeking a strategic location:

  • Strategic Location: Sanand GIDC is near Ahmedabad, a major commercial centre well-connected to major transportation networks, including highways, railways, airports, and ports.
  • Availability of Skilled Workforce: The region boasts a large pool of skilled labour, both white- and blue-collar, catering to the diverse needs of various industries.
  • Supportive Government Policies: The Gujarat government has implemented supportive policies to promote industrial development, including tax incentives, land subsidies, and infrastructure development initiatives.
  • Access to Raw Materials and Markets: The Sanand GIDC industrial area is well-connected to critical raw material sources and markets, facilitating efficient supply chain management. Also, its superior connectivity to ports offers ease in importing raw materials for manufacturing and finished goods for international trade.

Sanand GIDC: A Home to Diverse Industries

Sanand GIDC has emerged as a hub for various industries, catering to diverse sectors and driving regional economic growth. Here's a glimpse into the thriving industrial landscape of Sanand GIDC:

Automotive Sector: A Driving Force

Sanand GIDC industrial area is a major centre for the automotive industry, with leading manufacturers like Tata Motors, TATA Passenger Electric Mobility, and Maxxis Rubber India establishing their presence in the region. This has fostered a thriving ecosystem of auto ancillary units, such as Motherson, Magneti Marelli, and Motherson Auto, providing essential components and parts for the automotive sector.

Food and Beverage Manufacturing: 

The food and beverage industry plays a significant role in Sanand GIDC, with companies like Tirupati Edible Oil, J R Beverages, and Hindustan Coca-Cola. These companies rely on the region's skilled workforce and efficient infrastructure to deliver high-quality products to consumers.

Manufacturing and Engineering: Shaping and Crafting the Future

Manufacturing and engineering companies are well-represented in Sanand GIDC, with firms like Macfil Global, Hi-Tech Pipes Ltd, Accutech Tools, J&H Control System, and Voltas Beko Home Appliances showcasing the region's capabilities in manufacturing a wide range of products, from industrial components to home appliances. Yizumi Advance Processing further highlights the region's expertise in advanced manufacturing processes.

In addition to these industries, the Sanand GIDC industrial area is home to pharmaceutical companies, logistics, and warehousing companies, demonstrating the region's versatility and adaptability to diverse business needs. The presence of these industries in Sanand GIDC creates a dynamic and interconnected industrial ecosystem, fostering innovative businesses across industries.

ESR Sanand Industrial & Logistics Park: A Premier Industrial Address

Adjacent to Sanand GIDC, ESR Sanand Industrial & Logistics Park offers businesses a world-class industrial environment to thrive:

  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure: ESR's park provides modern industrial facilities, including ready-built warehouses, built-to-suit options, and customisable spaces.
  • Advanced Amenities: The park has advanced amenities, such as 24x7 security, dedicated green areas, solar roofs, high-speed internet connectivity, and power backup, ensuring efficient and secure operations.
  • Sustainability Commitment: ESR parks are pre-certified by the Indian Green Building Council to ensure all necessary steps are taken to minimise emissions.
  • Strategic Location: The park's proximity to Sanand GIDC and major transportation networks gives businesses easy access to suppliers, customers, and markets.
  • ESR's Expertise: ESR's global expertise and proven track record in industrial and logistics real estate ensure tenants receive comprehensive support and guidance.

Unlocking Growth Opportunities in Sanand GIDC

Sanand GIDC, with its strategic location, supportive infrastructure, and diverse industrial ecosystem, presents an ideal setting for businesses to expand, innovate, and thrive. With its world-class facilities and expertise, ESR Sanand Industrial & Logistics Park offers businesses a premier address to unlock their growth potential.


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